Real Del Mar Rosarito Baja California Condos

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Alea Location - The Highest Point

The higher one ascends the more dramatically the sea overtakes the horizon. Imagine the expansive deep blue as a permanent fixture to wake up to, or just to have over your shoulder at every moment. Your home on the cliffs is high above many of the most desirable spots in Baja, including the nightlife of Rosarito and Ensenada and is just moments away from a taste of the old world found at lobster and fishing village, Puerto Nuevo. Each altitude level will allow you to truly have a room with a view.

Alea Dining - Elevate Your Pallette

With so many ways to escape, why should the cuisine be any different? Indulge your fantasies at any one of our fine restaurants and eateries. There is something for everyone. From the gourmet to the gourmand to the casual diner.

Rincon de San Roman

Delight on continental cuisine prepared by Chef Martin San Roman, a graduate of the world famous Lenotre Cooking School in Paris.

El Patio Brassarie

Featuring world class continental cuisine with a French flair. Open for breakfast and lunch.